Homalomena is classified as a forest plant that can be cultivated as a cultivated plant or houseplant, and is categorized into a genus of flowering plants in the Araceae family.

Homalomena are mostly found in southern Asia and the southwest Pacific, but several species are known to have originated in Latin America.

A particularly beautiful species of Homalomena – a genus of flowering plants within the Araceae family – from Papua, Indonesia, with a peach pink primary vein and petiole. Imported in 2021 from sustainably propagated stock.

Homalomena is a genus of flowering plants within the family Araceae. Homalomena are primarily found in southern Asia and the southwestern Pacific, but there are a few species that are known to be indigenous to Latin America. Many Homalomena have a strong smell of anise. The name derives apparently from a mistranslated Malayan vernacular name, translated as homalos, meaning flat, and mene = moon.

The plants of this genus are clump-forming evergreen perennials with mainly heart-shaped or arrowheaded shaped leaves. The flowers are tiny and without petals, enclosed in a usually greenish spathe hidden by the leaves. Best grown in inorganic media hydroponically.

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