Mundu Fruit (Garcinia dulcis)

Mundu (Garcinia dulcis) is a type of fruit tree that is still related to the mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana). The mundu tree is considered a less important tree species, so it is not cultivated and under-rejuvenated. Because it is rarely rejuvenated, currently the mundu tree is a rare tree species and is currently little known. In fact, the mundu tree is a native Indonesian tree species that only grows in Java and Kalimantan.

Mundu has a tree habit, with a medium size and a tree height that can reach 20 m. This tree is evergreen. The stems are erect and brown. The bark is white gum. The leaves are elongated and shiny. The flowers are arranged in white or yellowish strands. The fruit is round which is yellow when it is ripe. The flesh is yellow, juicy and tastes sweet and sour. Mundu fruit can be consumed, either eaten fresh or processed into jam. This tree flowers around April-September and the fruit ripens around July-November.

Scientific classification:

Kingdom : Plantae

Division : Magnoliophyta

Class : Magnoliopsida

Order: Theales

Family: Clusiaceae

Genus: Garcinia

Species: Garcinia dulcis

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