Cyrtosperma Hambalii

Cyrtosperma Hambalii
a very striking elegant plant with “rabbit ears” leaves and slender inflorescences that are perfectly perpendicular.
The genus name Cyrtosperma comes from the Greek, meaning Curved Seed.
Cyrtosperms like shiny and shady places. Cyrtosperma can grow large, more than 5 meters.
Its habitat is in New Guinea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Kalimantan and Sumatra.
Cyrtosperma Hambalii is part of the genus Cyrtosperma which means curved seeds, where the seeds have a curve. Their dazzling foliage looks like a bunny that stands out in a garden bush. When their foliage reaches its mature form, it will have an olive green color with a strong stem. Cyrtosperma Hambalii comes from West Papua.

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