4 Types Of Refreshing Ornamental Plants For The Bathroom

Bathrooms that are rarely used may be overlooked for maintenance. In addition, sometimes there are guests who like to use the toilet even though after consuming food they leave a trail of unpleasant odors. Maybe you are used to using automatic air fresheners. However, it turns out that you can also use bathroom freshener ornamental plants.

Curious about what types of bathroom freshener ornamental plants can eliminate odors. The agrozine.id team has prepared a list of plants that you can try and of course, these plants have beautiful shapes for decoration.


You must be familiar with the name eucalyptus because the extract of this plant is often used for various products in life. Whether it’s for the use of lotions, oils, even aromatherapy.

Tanaman hias penyegar kamar mandi

This plant with a scent that insects hate turns out to be quite effective in eliminating odors in the bathroom. In addition, this plant is also known to be able to grow even though all the leaves are lost and get little water. However, you have to make sure this plant still gets sunlight which is one of its weaknesses.


Not much different from eucalyptus, the plant is also often used in everyday products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, or aromatherapy. Mint leaves that come from the Lamiaceae mentha plant have been known for a long time as a cleaning or refreshing agent.

Tanaman hias penyegar kamar mandi

So there’s nothing wrong, you plant this plant in the bathroom. Especially the guest bathroom which is rarely used. Although this plant is often used as an ingredient in your daily products, you should not consume long leaves in the bathroom.

Jasmine flower

The smell of jasmine flowers that often appear suddenly is often used as a sign of a female ghost who is around. Moreover, this jasmine scent appears in areas where there are no flowers or fragrant plants, you are sure to be afraid that you will run away soon.

Tanaman hias penyegar kamar mandi

However, for those of you who are brave, you can try jasmine flowers as an ornamental bathroom freshener. In addition to fragrant, this plant also has a beautiful white flower shape. It’s perfect when you put it in a glass flower vase.


Still discussing flowering plants, you can try Orchids as a deodorizer in the bathroom, you know. In addition, a bathroom that is always humid is a favorite place for orchids so they can grow healthily.

Like other flower plants, the advantages of orchids have many colors and unique flower shapes. So, you can adjust to your taste and the bathroom theme at home.

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