Aglonema Pictum Tricolor

As the name implies, Aglaonema pictum tricolor has a combination of three different colors. Aglaonema pictum leaves are dark green in color. This ornamental plant has a light green and white color. Unlike the leaves of other plants, Aglaonema pictum has a very neat pattern. If you look closely, the leaves of the aglaonema pictum plant look like the motif of army clothes. Aglaonema pictum tricolor is one of the rare aglaonema that belongs to rhizomatous cultivars.

Native to Asia and New Guinea, this ornamental plant has a fairly good survival ability. True to its name, Aglaonema pictum tricolor has leaves that feature a mix of three unique green colors, namely light, medium, and dark green. The oval-shaped leaves resemble camouflage.
To care for Aglaonema pictum tricolor plants, there are several things that need to be considered so that these plants remain healthy and thrive. Aglaonema pictum tricolor likes mixed soils of perlite, orchid bark, and peat. This blend is perfect for Aglaonema pictum tricolor which does not like dense soil.

In order to avoid root rot disease, Aglonema pictum tricolor plants should be placed in pots with good drainage.
This plant grows well in diffused sun, indirect light, and prefers high humidity, but still tolerates dry air.
For light, Aglaonema pictum tricolor plants do not need direct sunlight. If too often exposed to direct sunlight, the leaves can burn. Aglaonema pictum tricolor can thrive in a room with low light conditions. This is still related to its natural habitat, which is a very humid tropical forest.

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