Alocasia “Calidora”

Alocasia “Calidora”, is a broadleaf plant of the Araceae family.

Like other Alocasia genus, which is titled “Elephant Ear”, Alocasia “Calidora” also has giant leaves. This plant likes sunlight, so it is suitable to be placed in an open place.

Alocasia “Calidora”

The need for sufficient water, with soil mixed with sand media will make this plant grow well.

Alocasia “Calidora” has arrow-shaped and broad-striped leaves. This plant can grow up to 6 meters.

Alocasia “Calidora” likes moist soil, although it likes full sun, but placed in the shade, this plant can also grow well. Water enough, and fertilize every 2 to 3 weeks during the growing season. Reduce water in winter. In the shade this plant is sometimes attacked by fungal and bacterial leaf diseases.

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