Alocasia cuprea

Alocasia cuprea

Alocasia cuprea, is one of the plants from the Aracea family, which has the most unique appearance, among other Alocasia genera.

Alocasia cuprea comes from the island of Borneo, where the island of Borneo is indeed famous for its unique, strange and exotic plant diversity. Alocasia cuprea is a medium sized plant. The size of the leaves is about 30 cm, has a greenish red leaf color and is slightly copper in color. The leaves of Alocasia cuprea are thick and stiff, looking like plastic. The texture of the leaves, known scientifically as coriacious, with a unique and peculiar luster, looks like it has been lacquered at a glance which approximates the appearance of a copper metal. The metallic effect of Alocasia cuprea makes this plant a very interesting object to capture with a camera.














Alocasia Schott

Alocasia cuprea K. Koch

Alocasia cuprea grows very slowly, and likes very shaded places, but does not like low temperatures. Temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit will make this plant enter a dormant state. In its natural habitat, this plant lives in places that contain lots of water and steamy humid forest conditions.

In Indonesia, this Alocasia cuprea plant is better known as “Tengkorak taro”, perhaps because the appearance of the leaves at first glance is similar to a human skull. The selling price of this plant in Indonesia is quite expensive, the cheapest is Rp. 50,000 per leaf.

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