Alocasia devansayana

“The novelty illustrated, was imported last winter, from Papua (New Guinea), into the greenhouses of the Continental Horticultural Company in Ghent, by Mr. Lucien Linden who explored part of this beautiful region. The plant was dedicated to Mr. Alphonse de la Devansaye, great fan of Aroids, president of the Society of Horticulture of Maine and Loire. It was one of the new plants shown by Mr. Linden at the last flower shows in Ghent, Brussels and Paris, and was the object of the connoisseurs’ attention. It is, in fact, a plant as distinguished by its habit as by its foliage.

Alocasia devansayana

From a short, tuberous rhizome rise a bundle of elongated, rounded petioles, surrounded at the base by a grayish sheathing membrane; these slightly arched petioles, of a copper-brown metallic color, extend into the ample leaf and constitute its midrib. The leaf is erect, flat, shield-shaped, with a blade two times longer than wide. The primary veins starting from the central vein are arranged 3 or 4 on each side and protruding below, their coloration is brownish like that of the petiole, at least in the vicinity of the midrib. The two lateral lobes are large, measuring about a third of the main blade; they are obcordate obtuse, separated by a large triangular sinus and feature a small notch towards their extremity.

This Aroid will, we are sure, be an excellent addition to this beautiful group of ornamental plants.”

Alocasia devansayana, is a plant of the genus Alocasia in the Araceae family. This plant originates from and is endemic to New Guinea.

Previously there was confusion in the placement of the genus for this plant, this plant was included in the Colocasia genus with the species name Colocasia devansayana. But recently it has been recognized as a genus of Alocasia with the species name Alocasia devansayana.

Leaf shape, wide and arrow-like. The petioles are long and slightly reddish-brown in color.



Alocasia devansayana (L. Linden & Rodigas) Engl.

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