Alocasia Portei

Alocasia portei or field in the Philippines is a true herb (perennial herb) and belongs to the Araceae family. The height of the stem of this plant can reach 60 cm which contains flour and lymph. The leaves are large, reddish-green in color. Its habitat is soil that contains high nutrients and is well drained. This plant generally grows in the rain forest. This plant thrives in the Philippines and spreads to Malesia and Papua. In Indonesia, this plant is found on Mount Prau.

This plant is used as an ornamental plant because it has unique leaves and is traded freely. In the Philippines, this plant is used as food.
This plant includes erect herb, stem height 60 cm, fleshy full of flour and sap, short rhizome and branched tubers. The leaves are large, reddish-green-purple; blade with arrowheads, up to 2 m long, pinnate with 16 lobes, leaves lanceolate, dark green.

Alocasia portei Schot belongs to the Araceae family. Common Name of this plant Field (Philippines)

A. portei grows a lot in the Philippines (Luzon), spread in various places, in peninsular Malaysia and Irian Jaya (Papua).

Many grow in rain forests from lowlands to high 2000 m above sea level, this plant can grow well in well-drained soil, high nutrient content, sandy clay type, pH 6-7.5, paranet shade 65-75%.

Alocasia portei Schot can be used as a food ingredient in the Philippines and as an indoor and garden ornamental plant.


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