Alocasia “Portora”

Alocasia “Portora”, is a species of broadleaf plant of the genus Alocasia in the family Araceae. Previously this plant was registered as Alocasia “Portdora” or “Portidora”, now it bears the recognized name as Alocasia “Portora”.

Alocasia Portora

Alocasia “Portora”, is a hybrid of Alocasia portei and Alocasia ordora, by LariAnn Garner of Aroidia Research. Perhaps the given name “portora”, is an abbreviation of “portei” and “ordora”.
Giant green leaves with erect clumps and strong purple stems. “Portora” needs to have an organic rich moist soil medium for optimal growth. A thick layer of winter mulch helps to prevent rot in cold wet soil. (New nomenclature w/ correct name is Alocasia ‘Portora’, previously listed as: Alocasia ‘Portidora’)

Alocasia “Portora” is a large plant. In his preferred place, Alocasia “Portora” is able to grow to a height of 8 meters. The edges of the leaves are wavy. A lot of sunlight, with organic matter in the planting media will spur this plant to grow into a giant.

alocasia portora

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