Alpinia malaccensis

Alpinia malaccensis

Galangal Melaka or Bangle Melaka (Alpinia malaccensis) is a type of galangal plant from the Zingiberaceae tribe. Terna with medicinal properties is widespread from northeast India, east to Indochina, Indonesia and the Philippines.

A stunning Alpinia with large upright shell-like flowers. Very tight clumping, with tidy upright growth habit. A good landscaping plant.

Alpinia malaccensis

Typical height: 2 to 2.5m

Climate: Prefers tropical or subtropical climates, or warm protected areas in Temperate climates (eg. Sydney, Melbourne)

Light conditions: Full sun to part shade

Growth habit: Tight clumping, upright

Growing conditions: Moist well drained soil, rich in organic matter

Flowers: Spring / Summer


Fibrous roots are brown.

Rhizome cylindrical shape, slightly reddish brown or pale greenish yellow, white flesh color inside.

Alpinia malaccensis

Pseudo stem, light green color.

The leaves are narrow lanceolate, measuring 40-90 cm x 7-20 cm, single, and green. Tapered leaf tips, flat leaf edges, pinnate leaf veins. Petiole length 3-7 cm.

White flowers, compound, appear at the end of the stem, in the form of bunches. The flower crown is tubular white, the tip is red or orange red when blooming.

Alpinia malaccensis

Buni-shaped fruit, round, hard, hairy, green when young and orange when old.

Seeds are many, small, oval, black. #Alpiniamalaccensis

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