amorphophallus muelerri

amorphophallus muelerri / Iles-iles is found starting from the Andaman Islands, India, spreading eastward through Myanmar into Thailand and into Indonesia. This plant can grow anywhere, such as on the edge of teak forests, under bamboo groves, on river banks, in shrubs, and under various shade.

To achieve high tuber production requires 50-60% shade. This plant grows from the lowlands to 1000 m above sea level, with temperatures between 25-35 ยฐC, while rainfall between 300-500 mm per month during the growth period. At temperatures above 35oC the plant leaves will burn, while at low temperatures this plant experiences dormancy. Iles-iles grows scattered in forests or yards, and has not been widely cultivated. Like suweg, iles-iles can grow well on light-textured soils, namely on sandy loam conditions, loose in structure, and rich in nutrients, while also having good irrigation, high humus content, and having a soil pH of 6 – 7.5. This medicinal plant is easy to find on the island of Java with a bush habitat that grows in an annual cycle and can grow up to one meter.

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