Baccaurea angulata var. globulus

Baccaurea angulata, also known as jungle starfruit or blood starfruit in Malay and more locally as ucong or embaling, is a species of flowering plant, fruit tree in the tampoi family, native to Southeast Asia.

This species grows as a dioecious tree to 6–21 m tall, with a trunk 2–5 m . The leaves are smooth and oval, 12–30 cm long and 4–14 cm wide. Cream-to-yellow flower inflorescences gather along the stems and branches. The fruit is a berry, 5–6 cm long and 2.3–2.6 cm in diameter, has a star-shaped cross-section, and is dark purple when immature, ripe bright red, with the seeds contained in an edible white arillode.

Baccaurea angulata var. globulus
Baccaurea angulata var. globulus

Carambola blood has a scientific name
Baccaurea angulata Merr. (Phyllantaceae).
Carambola is endemic to the island of Borneo. This type
located on the Indonesian island of Borneo,
Northern part of Malaysia (Sabah and
Sarawak) and the country of Brunei Darussalam. Its English name is red angle
tampoi. People know other names as starfruit, armpit acid,
Belimbing Bukit, Gerumin Bereh (Tribal language
Dayak Bidayuh), red tampoi, uchong (Dayak
Iban), forest starfruit, pidau (Indonesia);
embaling (Sabah) and embaling bobou (Brunei).
Carambola blood is not closely related
star fruit (Averrhoa carambola-
Oxalidaceae). Star fruit is included in the tribe
Menteng (Phyllantaceae). Close relationship
precisely with the type of menteng (Baccaurea
racemosa) and tampoi (Baccaurea macrocarpa).

Baccaurea angulata var. globulus
Baccaurea angulata var. globulus

This species is endemic to Kalimantan. It grows in lowland and hilly mixed dipterocarp forests, riverine forests and secondary forests, up to an altitude of 800 m.
Blood starfruit (Baccaurea angulata Merr.;
Phyllantaceae) are not close relatives at all
Sweet starfruit (Averrhoa carambola; tribe
Oxalidaceae) even though the shape is the same. Seed
The blood starfruit is covered with a juicy aril
and the taste is sour to sweet too
found in menteng and tampoi fruit. By
because it is a close relative of
types of menteng (Baccaurea racemosa) and tampoi
(Baccaurea macrocarpa). This blood starfruit
endemic to the island of Borneo. Generally grows in
areas near water or tidal rivers and
grows on sandy or laterite soils
height 800 m above sea level. Therefore it can
developed in other areas by the way
plant by seed, cuttings or grafting.

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