Baccaurea deflexa / Red Tampui

Tampoi is one of the types of fruits that are widely known by people around the forests of West Kalimantan. Tampoi or tampui (Baccaurea deflexa), has a kinship relationship with nutmeg and rambi, but with a larger size. The weight of this fruit is around 130 grams, with a diameter of around 6 cm.

Tampoi fruit, quoting from, has a sweet and sour taste. This forest fruit can only be found in certain months, and is very difficult to find because this fruit has not been cultivated by the community. This fruit is picked from the forest and sold in the market, apart from that it is also consumed by oneself of course.

Tampoi fruits are strung in bunches up to 15 cm long, with stalks 4-6 mm thick. Its shape is round or almost round, thick-walled, brown to gray on the outside. 3โ€“6 seeds, and covered by a white to yellow, sometimes orange “seed coat”.

Tampoi trees, quoting from, are endemic to tropical forests such as tropical rainforests in Sumatra and Kalimantan. The fruit is good to eat, it tastes similar to rambutan but the flesh is thicker than rambutan.

Nowadays, tampoi trees are rarely found. Rare tampoi trees are found today due to forest encroachment. The occupation of the land into oil palm plantations eliminates this exotic plant. Moreover, since then until now, no one has been interested in cultivating it. As a result, the tampoi tree is threatened with extinction and being forgotten.

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