Bira Guava Papua (Syzygium aqueum) Seed

Jambu Bira is a rare Syzygium variety, It is known for its small fruit size. The fruit is red when it is ripe. The advantage of the Jambu Bira fruit is that it is able to produce very dense red fruit and a smaller. The guava fruit of Papua offers a refreshing sweet-sour taste. It also can be consumed directly in a fresh state and is more delicious to make salads.

Guava bira is a variant of the water guava species. Another name is guava Irian. The Papuan guava tree itself when it bears fruit will produce fruit that is dense, red-red, and smaller in size than water guava. Although smaller, but one tree can produce hundreds of fruits. As for the taste, this guava is sweet and sour.

Papuan guava can grow in the lowlands and highlands. The size of the tree itself can grow to more than 3 meters, but the trunk and roots are small, so it may not be able to climb.

To start bearing fruit, you need to wait a year or two.

It requires intense light, as well as watering which only needs to be once a day. A good planting medium for Jambu Bira Papua is humus soil combined with compost. In addition, if you want to grow more fertile, we recommend giving it NPK leaf fertilizer once a month.

This plant can also be grown in pots, it is important that the diameter of the pot is more than 60 cm.

Common Name: Jambu Bira,The Guava Fruit of Papua ,Jambu Air Bira Papua

Botanical Name: Syzygium aqueum

Bloom Time/Fruiting: 2 to 3 Years

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