Blood starfruit or red star fruit (Baccaurea angulata)

Blood starfruit or red star fruit (Baccaurea angulata) is a type of fruit belonging to the Phyllanthaceae (formerly: Euphorbiaceae) tribe. This fruit is still related to menteng and rambai, but its outer shape is similar to starfruit, with a thicker skin and a bright red color. Limited spread (endemic) on the island of Borneo, this fruit is known by other names such as tamarind armpit, pidau, tuber, umbung (Kalimantan); bonit, (Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan); forest star fruit (Brunei); embaling, embaling bobou (Dusun); tip, uchong (Sarawak, Iban); belimbing uchong, comedian, cut, tampoi forest.

Specifically, it can be explained that this fruit is shaped like starfruit but not as big as starfruit in general. Its thick and bright red skin is the allure that makes it unique.

The taste of this fruit is sour, sweet, fresh. With such a taste, this fruit is much sought after, especially because of its rarity.

Blood starfruit or red starfruit is a rare fruit whose existence can only be found in certain areas, for example in Kalimantan, Sumatra and its surroundings.

Trees of starfruit blood grow up to 10 meters. To be able to produce fruit, it takes about 3 years until finally the fruit is ready to be picked.
The health benefits of this fruit besides being anti-inflammatory are helping bone growth, hair and eye pigmentation, maintaining bone health, maximizing the absorption of vitamins in the body, good for muscles, and regulating body temperature.

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