Colocasia “Nobal Gigante”

Colocasia “Nobal Gigante”

Colocasia “Nobal Gigante”, is a hybrid plant of the Araceae family.
“Nobal Gigante”, as a new hybrid, has an attractive leaf pattern. The Gigantes TM series “ginormous” hybrid was developed by Brian Williams of Brian Botanicals, with the result of a cross of Colocasia gigantea with Colocasia esculenta (possibly Black Magic).

Colocasia Nobal Gigante

This plant is very suitable to be planted in pots, or placed in the home page will also make the home page more attractive.

Grown in Nobal soil, Gigante can easily grow 6′ to 8′ leaves in a single growing season, with a soft purple-bluish leaf appearance, if it gets enough sunlight. The sunlight needed ranges from 4 – 8 hours. Because of the bluish-purple color of the leaves, this plant is also known as “Giant Purple”.

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