Cyrtosperma Cuspidipathum

Cyrtosperma cuspidispathum is a plant species that is very difficult to find, this plant comes from Papua and Papua New Guinea and this plant cannot be found other than in Papua, this plant has leaves that are similar to boomerangs and the color of the stem/petiole is distinctive, namely black and white like zebra

cyrtosperma cuspidipathum

Cyrtosperma, is a genus in the family Araceae. The genus underwent taxonomic changes in the 1980s, and is endemic to Asia and the Pacific islands. This plant is known as “Giant Swamp Taro”.

The genus Cyrtosperma is a unique plant, because it generally has thorny stems and is harder than other Araceae families. The species most frequently seen in media coverage, the most popular of which is Cyrtosperma merkusii, is found in New Guinea, the Philippines, Malaysia, Kalimantan and Sumatra. In Malaysia, the roots are used for food crops.

Cyrtosperma likes a watery place, such as in swamps that are slightly shady, in a preferred place, Cyrtosperma can grow large, more than 5 meters high. The flowers are completely bisexual.

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