Durian Karatungan / Durio Oxleyanus

Because the habitat is wild in the middle of the forest which is very dependent on the weather and the climate of the tropical rain forest, then the new marawin fruit can be found every 2 years. That’s still with a record that the weather must be supportive, warm, and not raining for a long time. If the weather is not friendly, your hopes will be dashed to enjoy the deliciousness of the marawin fruit.
The appearance of the Kerantungan Fruit at a glance, this fruit is very similar to durian. What makes it different is that it is much smaller in size, with slightly longer thorns than durians in general. It grows freely in the forests of South Kalimantan, and includes several districts in the districts of Hulu Sungai Tengah, Balangan and Tabalong, the local people call it Kerantongan (Durio Oxleyanus Griff).

In terms of fruit size, Karantungan is a mini durian. The length of the fruit only reaches 10 to 18 cm with a fruit circumference of up to 45 cm. The skin of the fruit is green to yellowish. Inside, there are only 4 partitions, with 1-2 pieces in each partition. The color of the flesh is yellow, but the flesh is not too thick from 0.3 to 0.4 cm. Behind it all, Kerantungan has a higher fruit taste than durian, with a softer fruit texture but with a less pungent aroma. The flesh of this fruit is yellowish and tastes sweet, legit and soft. It definitely melts in your mouth on the first bite. The flesh of the fruit is quite thick, guaranteed to be satisfied with just one. The fragrant smell is suitable for those who do not like the smell of durian which is very pungent. Regarding taste, don’t worry, it’s definitely more legit than durian.

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