Durian Tabelak

Tabelak durian, is a variant of Durio graveolens., which grows in lowland primary forests in northern Kalimantan, namely in Sabah Malaysia, is also found on the island of Sumatra, and several areas on the island of Borneo.

Tabelak durian is a type of durian whose flesh has many color variations, such as dark red, pink, orange, to orange. This durian also has many names, namely “Tabelak” “Red Durian”, “Rahan”, “Anggang”, “Sukang” and “Yellow Durian”.

(source: yourworship.blogspot.com)
(source: yourworship.blogspot.com)

This species includes a large tree more than 50 m high tree. The skin of the fruit is yellow to slightly orange, covered with 1 cm pyramids with long spines. The flesh is dark red with a sweet taste. D. graveolens is similar to D. dulcis, the difference is that the fruit of D. graveolens sometimes opens while still on the tree, while the fruit of D. dulcis remains tightly closed and has dark yellow flesh.

In Sabah, it is also known as Yellow Durian, because the fruit skin is yellow. Including species that are in critical condition because it is starting to be difficult to find. The tree is big, tall and buttress like ordinary durian. Many flowers form on old branches. When ripe the fruit opens by itself on the tree, and usually becomes food for the Tingang / Anggang (hornbills / Rangkok) birds. That is why it is named Anggang. The fruit is round, short-stemmed, and the average fruit weight is 400 grams to 1 kg. The skin is thin, brownish yellow to yellow. Thorns about 4 cm long, similar to Mahrawin, sharp and tight.

Durian Tabelak "Merahan", Malaysia
Durian Tabelak “Merahan”, Malaysia

The flesh is rather thin and smooth, the texture is soft and a little dry, the taste is not too sweet. Medium aroma, not too strong like regular durian. The fruit can be stored for a long time. The tree can survive in areas that are rather watery.


other name:

Durio graveolens Becc.
var. Durian Tabelak

– Red Durian
– Red
– Yellow Durian
– Ganga
– Happy

The existence of the Tabelak Durian tree is now difficult to find, hard to find, hopefully it doesn’t mean it’s almost extinct. Because even so, sometimes Tabelak Durian fruit can be found in Kalimantan markets, during the durian fruiting season.

Durian Tabelak "Sukang", Sabah Malaysia
Durian Tabelak “Sukang”, Sabah Malaysia

The scarcity of the Tabelak Durian is caused by local residents who cut down this tree when they were about to harvest the Tabelak Durian fruit, as a result, this tree is increasingly rare in the forests of Kalimantan.
Fortunately, Malaysia is far more concerned than the people of Indonesia, who tend to destroy the habitat of the Tableak Durian. In Malaysia, the Tabelak Durian tree has been preserved, even cross-bred and glorified, so that currently Malaysia already has several superior varieties and cultivars.

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