Lahung Fruit / Durio Dulcis

Durio dulcis, otherwise known as lahung, is a tree in the genus Durio (durian). Its height can reach 40 m. This type of durian is characterized by its fruit skin which is dark red to brown-red, and is covered with thin spines 15-20 mm long. The flesh of the fruit is dark yellow, thin, has a caramel taste, and has a turpentine aroma. The durian of this species is considered by many to be the sweetest of all types of durian.

durio dulcis / lahung

Scientific Classification

Kingdom : Plantae

Order: Malvales

Family: Malvaceae (Bombacaceae)

Genus: Durio

Species: Durio dulcis

The lahung fruit is one of the endemic fruits of the Kalimantan forest. This fruit is widely spread there as far as Sabah, Malaysia. The original habitat of the lahung tree is in inland forest areas which have clay and sandy soils with an altitude of 20-800 m above sea level. If planted on higher ground, the lahung tree can experience a decline in quality. Well, in order to grow well, the suitable conditions for the lahung tree are the climate of the wet tropics with ideal rainfall of more than 2,000 mm per year.

To enjoy the lahung fruit, you don’t peel it the same way you peel the durian. The lahung fruit needs to be cut crosswise. If it is open, the contents of the yellowish fruit will be visible. Equipped with a distinctive aroma that emanates from the fruit, this lahung really tempts the taste buds. The flesh of this lahung fruit is thick, mushy, smooth, and fatty.

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