Durio Graveolens

Tabelak or Durio graveolens is a typical Kalimantan fruit which is widely found in the interior of Kalimantan, Indonesia. The shape of the tree is similar to a durian tree in general with a trunk height that can reach 25-30 meters. The leaves are very similar to durian leaves but are larger in size. The uniqueness of this fruit lies in the color of the fruit skin, the color varies greatly, some are green, yellow, brown, or red. The flesh is thick and reddish in color, the texture of the flesh is smooth, sweet and dry. The smell of the fruit is not sharp even though it has been opened and smelled closer. Therefore, the people of Kalimantan named it tabelak.

Durio graveolens, is a durian that grows in the lowland primary forests of Kalimantan (Indonesia and Malaysia), and is also found on the island of Sumatra.

There are several varieties of Durio graveolens, whose flesh ranges from dark red, pink, orange to orange. Some of the famous ones are “Durian Tableak”, “Simpor”, “Sukang”, “Red Durian” and “Durian Suluk or Siunggong”.

This durian is very interesting because of the color variations in the flesh. The long spines and the fruit don’t give off a strong aroma like durian in general.

Several variants of Durio graveolens, are:

Yellow Durians
Red Durians
Durian Brain Prawns
Durian Tableak,
Durian Suluk, “Durian Siunggong”,
is a natural hybrid between D. graveolens and D. zibethinus, producing the taste and texture of D. zibethinus with the nuances of roasted caramel from D. graveolens.
Durian Simpor, is the yellow variant.

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