Durio malaccensis

Durio malaccensis, is a type of durian that is spread across Peninsular Malaysia (Terengganu, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Selangor and Pahang), and can also be found in Sumatra.

Durio malaccensis in the local Malay language is known as “Durian Batang”, because some of the fruit grows on the stem. Lowland forest habitat near rocky rivers or on mountains and hillsides up to 1,000 m above sea level. Durio malaccensis tree wood is also used for cheap furniture, cupboards, traffic light floors, panels, partitions, plywood, boxes, wooden sandals, coffins and shipbuilding.

The tree grows to 40-50 m and has a small support about 30 cm high. The outer bark of the tree trunk is lenticellate and rough, grayish green, while the pink, fibrous bark and sapwood are pinkish white.
Ripe fruit is round, slightly pointed at the top, about 18 cm long, 13 cm wide. The spines are rather fat pyramid-shaped. Normally, each durian fruit has 5 chambers, each containing 1-3 seeds.

This species usually has white flowers, but some D. malaccensis also have reddish flowers, which are found in Johor, this may be natural cross-pollination between the pink flowers of D. lowianus and the red flowers of D. pinangianus

Durio malaccensis
Durio malaccensis

Classification: Kingdom: Orders: Family: Genus: Species: other name: Plantae Malvales Durioceae Durio Durio malaccensis Planch. ex Mast. – Durian Stem, Durian Leaf, Durian Tong, Kawik, Fire Durian, Forest Durian, Sahun (Malaysia) – Bangkolo Durian, Bangko Durian (Sumatra)

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