Durio Testudinarum

Durio testudinarum, known as “Turtle Durian” is a type of durian tree found in Brunei, Malaysia and several areas on the Indonesian island of Kalimantan.

This species is a medium-sized tree, approximately 25 m. It is a self-pollinating species, and has a long flowering season. The flesh is pale yellow and has a stronger aroma than other Durio species.
Durio testudinarum, grows in lowlands to hilly areas. This species is one of the rare species of edible durian. However, currently in Brunei Darussalam, turtle durian is starting to be widely cultivated by local residents.

Durio testudinarum
Durio testudinarum


other name:

Durio testudinarum Becc.

– Turtle Durian (tortoise durian)
– Kakura
– Lujian beramatai (Dayak Sungai, Sarawak, Segaliud)

Durio testudinarum
Durio testudinarum

Judging from the shape of the fruit, it is almost no different from other durian fruit. But if we look at the shape of the tree, then we know the difference between the durian fruit “Durio testudinarum” or “Turtle Durian”. Because some of the fruit actually grows on the lower stem and some even grow on roots that protrude above the ground. The flesh of the fruit also tends to be small, smaller than the durian species Durio zibethinus. So it is very easy to pick this durian fruit. The spines are large and short. Young fruit is green, and when ripe it will be yellowish.

Durio testudinarum
Durio testudinarum
Durio testudinarum
Durio testudinarum

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