Flame of Irian

Flame of Irian is a type of tropical flower plant that grows by vines or hanging down. That is why this plant, which has dense flowers and leaves, is often used as a wall decoration, fence or pergola cover.
Flame of Irian or also called Red Jadevine is suitable to decorate a garden or home page. The fire-red color of the flowers looks very unique and beautiful.

Flame of Irian
Flame of Irian

Flame of Irian or Irian sparks is one of the tropical flower plants that is very exotic, beautiful, has high economic value, grows vines, with orange or orange flowers that are clustered and dangling down.
Abroad, the flame of Irian is called Scarlet Jade Vine, Red Jade Vine (so called because it is exactly the same as the jade vine, but the flame of Irian is red), or New Guinea creeper.

The flame of fame plant is a tough plant, because it can withstand all weather conditions. You can place it in an open area with full sun exposure or in a shady place. The plant, known by the scientific name Mucuna bennettii, is a woody shrub plant and can grow up to 30 meters in length.

To cultivate this fire flower plant from Irian, it can be propagated by seeds or grafts.
Treatment of the flame of Irian is actually quite easy. Do watering regularly, at least 2 times a day at the beginning of planting using enough water so that the plants thrive. In contrast to other ornamental plants, fertilization on these plants does not need to be done regularly. You can use organic fertilizer at the beginning of planting, then after three months use manure to fertilize its growth.
Scientific name: Mucuna Bennetti
Origin of seeds: graft
Optimal growing climate: highlands to low
Sunlight Requirement: all day long
Water requirement: 2x a day

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