Ginalun / Balangkasua (Lapisanthes Alata)

Ginalun / balangkasua (Lapisanthes alata) is a plant that grows in the interior of Kalimantan. Ginalun usually grows in soil that is fertile and contains lots of nutrients, protected from direct sunlight, and the humidity is quite high. The diameter of the trunk can reach the size of an adult’s thigh. The bark is dark brown with a not-so-smooth and non-shiny surface. The trunk is tougher or tougher than the kalalayu tree. Branches and twigs grow on the trunk, but not so much and sparsely spaced as the sage plant. The leaves are also not so dense.
Ginalun leaves are round, oval or slightly elongated with pinnate leaves. The leaves are dark green with a non-glossy surface. Flat leaf edges with not so sharp edges. These leaves are attached to the branches and twigs.
The location of the ginalun flower dangles on the stem. Each stalk consists of only one strand. The color of the flowers is ivory yellow or purplish brick red. The number of flower crowns is 5-6 pieces per circle. This plant is a monoecious plant because in one tree there are male and female flowers. The shape of the fruit is round or ovoid. When young, the skin of the fruit is slightly yellowish green to pink.
Ginalun / Balangkasua (Lapisanthes Alata)
Ginalun / Balangkasua (Lapisanthes Alata)
When the fruit starts to ripen and ripen, the color of the fruit skin changes to vary, for example yellow, brick red, or slightly blackish red. The color of the fruit skin depends on the plant. When cooked, this fruit tastes sweet mixed with a bit astringent.
Usually Ginalun trees or village grapes grow in Rendang plains which are close to water, such as near rivers. Ginalun trees or village grapes cannot grow in the highlands and the soil is very dry.
Balangkasua (Lapisanthes Alata)
Ginalun trees usually bear fruit after being submerged in water and when they bear fruit Ginalun trees or village grapes will bear a lot of fruit and the ripening time is quite long, which is 2 to 3 weeks.

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