Gitaan Fruit / Willughbia Angustifolia

Gitaan fruit or Tampirik or Willughbeia sp. is a fruit that tastes like mangosteen, soursop and milk combined. imagine if you make juice? I guarantee you will melt and definitely save fruit and milk.. haha..
The fruit that has the nickname the missing fruits of paradise is round in shape, the skin is yellow and orange.

Gitaan is a fruit that is classified in a large family of Apocynaceae or frangipani plants. While the scientific name is Willughbeia angustifolia. Gitaan fruit is orange in color, the taste of the flesh is sweet and slightly sour. The fruit is the size of an adult’s fist.

skin tissue and fruit layer rich in white sap. However, after being stored for 3 days, the sap which contains carbohydrates turns into glucose, aka sugar. Hence, the taste turns sweet.



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