Guntawa fruit

Guntawa fruit is a kind of jackfruit. some opinions say that this is a natural cross of keledang (Artocarpus lanceifolius) and mentawa (Artocarpus anisophyllus)

Guntawa Fruit
Guntawa Fruit

Guntawa fruit is also one of the local fruits which is quite unique and rare. This fruit can also be found in the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra.

The fruit, when it is ripe, is very easy to split using only your bare hands and when you split it, you will see bright orange-red flesh.

Guntawa fruit with bright orange flesh has a sweet, delicious taste and fragrant aroma, as well as a soft flesh texture with hard seeds. it tastes 3x sweeter than keledang (Artocarpus lanceifolius)

The sensational pleasure of the mentawai fruit can be enjoyed in certain seasons.

Apart from the edible flesh of the fruit, the seeds can also be consumed by first drying and frying. The taste is very tasty.

Mentawai fruit is a rare fruit.
Its natural habitat is tropical rain forest, the conversion of its habitat to monoculture planting has the potential to reduce the increasingly rare mentawa population.

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