12 Best Types of Homalomena Plants for Home Decoration

Homalomena is a group of forest plants whose cultivation is very easy. Therefore, this plant is quite popular in the ornamental plant market. If you are interested in having it, let’s look at the recommendations for the best types of Homalomena plants below!

Recently the name Homalomena is on the rise among ornamental plant lovers.

The main reason is that the care of this plant tends to be easy and the leaf shape is very attractive.

Come on, just look at the recommendations for the best Homalomena plant types below.

1. Homalomena Emerald Gem

varian tanaman homalomena terbaik

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First there is the Emerald Gem variant which has heart-shaped leaves. Not only the leaf shape is unique, it also looks stunning with a dark green color and glossy impression.

2. Purple Sword

rekomendasi tumbuhan hias daun

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The leaves of this plant have a surface full of green and silver spots. While the underside of the leaves tends to be burgundy, suitable for purple plant lovers. Unfortunately, even though it looks charming, this variant of Homalomena is quite rare in the market.

3. Homalomena Selby

varian homalomena selby

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Next there is the Selby variant which has oval and long leaves. The surface of the leaves looks beautiful with a mix of light green and dark green.

4. Lemon Glow

varian tumbuhan hutan hias daun

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If you are interested in greenish-yellow leafy plants, then the choice is the Lemon Glow variant.

5. Homalomena Pictum Tricolor

varian homalomena corak tentara

Sumber: plantophiles.com

As the name implies, the Pictum Tricolor variant has a combination of up to three colors on the leaves. You can see dark green, light green, and white on the surface.

6. Black Velvet

tanaman hias berdaun gelap

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If you are looking for plants with dark leaves, you should consider the Black Velvet variant.

7. Silver Red

tanaman hias homalomena berdaun silver menawan

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Furthermore, there is the Silver Red variant with a leaf color that combines red and silver perfectly.

8. Homalomena Schismatoglottis

varian Homalomena Schismatoglottis

Sumber: blibli.com

There is also a type of Schismatoglottis which is divided into Andromeda, Calyptrata, Neoguneensis, and others. The main difference between the variants is the light green hue that appears on the leaf surface.

9. Anubias Sp

tumbuhan hias daun kecil

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Then there is the Homalomena Snubias Sp variant that you can choose as an ornamental plant at home. The uniqueness of this variant lies in the shape of the leaves which tend to be small and glossy.

10. Homalomena Wallisii Army

varian homalomena army berdaun unik

Sumber: greenspaces.id

The next leaf ornamental plant option is the Wallisii Army variant which has army motif leaves. To be precise, the shape of the leaves tends to be elongated oval with a mix of dark and light green on it.

11. Homalomena Javanica

rekomendasi tumbuhan hias daun cantik

Sumber: mazruatunsyifa.blogspot.com

Then there is the Javanica variant which is often referred to as nampu taro leaves. The shape of the leaves is similar to the taro plant, it’s just that the leaf color of this plant is plain green without a motif.

12. Homalomena Maggie

varian Homalomena maggie

Sumber: youtube.com/Groplants

The last variant is Homalomena Maggie with heart-shaped leaves with not sharp ends. In contrast to other types, the leaves of this plant are wider with longer stalks

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