Honey salak (Salacca Edulis Reinw)

This honey salak fruit is one of the best types of salak fruit that can be grown and cultivated in Indonesia. This honey fruit plant comes from the Sleman area of Yogyakarta. The specialty of this honey salak plant can be seen from the fruit which has certain characteristics. This honey salak fruit is characterized by its soft and thick flesh. The taste of this salak fruit is sweet, resembling the taste of honey. This honey salak plant produces snake fruit all year round or what we often know as a plant that bears fruit regardless of the season.

Honey salak is indeed better than pondoh super salak, if you squeeze the flesh with your fingers a liquid like honey will come out, this liquid is not found in pondoh salak and ivory zalacca. The advantages of honey salak, apart from its juicy taste, are relatively more expensive and the population is still small. Meanwhile honey salak is bigger than pondoh salak, its skin color is lighter than pondoh salak, and it also tastes sweeter.

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