How To Care For Alocasia Robusta Plants

how to care for alocasia robusta plants

Alocasia robusta, the largest Alocasia species. Alocasia robusta is a giant herbaceous plant from the aroid family (Araceae) which is endemic to the island of Borneo. This plant is an herbaceous rosette consisting of several leaves with lamina or sagittate (arrow-shaped) strands.

Then how to care for this one plant? Watch our video

Lighting. Heat greatly affects the strength of the rod. Alocasia that gets enough sun exposure will have sturdy stems compared to Alocasia that lacks sunlight.

Leaf color tends to be better among plants with more light.

Growing media. Growing media for Allocation is very easy to find around you. A good planting medium for allocation is one that is porous and does not cause puddles of water in the pot.

Leaves of humus bamboo (andam bamboo), raw husks, roasted husks and manure. Chopped fern roots, humus soil and raw husks can also be alternative planting media.

Sprinkling. Allocationa plants actually really like moist growing media.

However, if there is too much waterlogging, Allocation roots can also be prone to rot. It is recommended to water your Allocation regularly. Make sure there are enough holes in your pot to allow the water to drain smoothly.

Leaf Care. Maintaining the beauty of the leaves can be done by cleaning the leaves using water or with a leaf polish.

You should also remove the aging leaves to make your plant look better. use scissors or a sharp knife, so that the cutting does not harm the plant.

Cutting leaves is also able to stimulate the growth of new shoots, so the alocasia plant can look lush and charming.

Fertilization also needs to be done for ornamental alocasia plants to keep them healthy. Slow degradation fertilizer in the form of small granules can be sprinkled on the surface of the growing media. This method can effectively nourish up to 4 to 6 months

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