How to care for an Alocasia Sabrina

How to care for an Alocasia Sabrina

Fans of ornamental plants are certainly no stranger to this type of Alocasia plant. This tropical plant has a beautiful appearance and is suitable as an indoor plant. One type that is in great demand today is Alocasia zebrina. Want to know what the details of this plant look like? The following is an explanation of the shape, how to plant, to how to properly care for it.
Features, Shapes, and Colors

Different from other types of Alocasia, this ornamental plant has a very simple leaf appearance. The shape of the leaves is still the same as the Alocasia type in general, which is like a heart with a tapered upper and lower end. The difference lies in the color and pattern of the leaves. The leaves of this type of Alocasia are plain and do not have leaf veins of different colors.

The color of this type of Alocasia leaves is fresh green and evenly distributed over the entire leaf surface. The leaf bones are still visible even though they don’t have a different color. Without excessive motifs and patterns, this plant actually has beauty thanks to the simplicity of its appearance. However, be careful although this beautiful plant has toxic properties so it should be kept away from children and pets.

One interesting point that this ornamental plant has is its stem. The color of the leaves is plain but the stem has a color resembling a zebra. This plant also has the property of shedding its old leaves. Usually these plants will shed their leaves to make room for new leaves to emerge.
How to Plant

It takes the right planting technique so that these ornamental plants can grow well and fertile. Here’s how to grow Alocasia zebrina that can be practiced directly at home.

Prepare planting media in the form of a mixture of ferns, bamboo leaf humus, and manure.
Take plant seeds with strong rhizomes from the mother plant.
Plant the plant seeds into the planting medium and compact it.
Do watering regularly.

How to Care

The key to the fertility of this plant lies in the application of proper care procedures. Here are the Alocasia zebrina treatment steps that you can do.

  1. Flush Enough Water

This plant tends to like a humid environment. You can do watering regularly but still not excessive. You can see signs of lack of water from the shape of the stems and leaves starting to sag. Watering can be done every day using a spray so as not to overdo it.

  1. Give Sunshine

This type of plant cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. But still it needs sunlight to grow. You can position this plant in a place that is exposed to indirect sunlight. If the color of the leaves begins to turn yellow, this is a sign that the sun is getting too much.

  1. Give Fertilizer

This ornamental plant also requires fertilizer to grow healthy and fertile. Give a slow release type of fertilizer and fertilize at least every 6 months. Fertilizer application must be done carefully, no more and no less so as not to affect plant growth.

  1. Change Pots and Planting Media

If the plant has grown more fertile, then you can immediately replace the pot. Replace the pot with an adequate size and prepare a new planting medium. If the leaves are getting denser, it can be separated by dividing the plant into several pots and planting media.

That’s brief information about the ornamental plant Alocasia zebrina. For you lovers of ornamental plants, of course this type will be an additional collection that spoils the eyes. This plant can be placed outdoors or indoors with a note away from the reach of children and pets.

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