How to care for monstera plants to be fertile and stay fresh

How to care for monstera plants to be fertile and stay fresh
. Lighting.
Lighting (sunlight) is very important in the growth of Monstera plants. This ornamental plant likes light but cannot be exposed to direct sunlight or too much. This can cause the Monstera leaves to turn yellow and even become scorched.
Place the monstera plant near a window that is not exposed to direct sunlight. If you put it outside, use a net over the plants as a roof to keep the monstera from getting too much sun.

  1. Watering
    This plant needs minerals to survive, but the intensity of watering it should not be too frequent. This is because this plant likes dry peat soil.
    Give enough water to the monstera plant evenly, once a week or wait until the soil is dry enough before watering again. Store in a moderately humid environment, to curb overgrowth
  2. Root Treatment
    The roots of this plant can grow upwards, so they are not exposed to minerals from the soil. Therefore, we need help from us to direct the roots into the soil.
  3. Pay attention to soil conditions. Soil is an important thing that plants use to grow. Because from the soil, plants can finally meet their water and mineral needs.

To keep moisture from the roots of the plant, mix the soil with peat moss and perlite or vermiculite with an amount of half peat moss, half perlite. This growing media mix helps retain soil moisture without rotting the roots.

  1. fertilization. Like other plants, monstera plants also need nutrients through healthy soil, namely by fertilization.
    For that, you have to pay attention to nutrition for monstera plants, namely by giving slow release fertilizer or only once a year.
  2. Repotting. Repotting is an activity to replace the pot on the monstera plant which is felt to be cramped because the monstera planted is getting bigger.
    Repotting can be done once a year to give it more room to grow. Do not forget to always use a pot that is equipped with drainage holes.
  3. Clean Plants from Weeds. Weeds are plants that grow in unwanted areas because they can seize nutrients from monstera plants.
    The growth of weeds is feared to be able to absorb water and nutrients that should be absorbed by monstera plants.
    If there are weeds that grow, then immediately pull out the weeds to the roots so that they no longer grow and interfere with the nutrition of the monstera plant as the main plant in your pot.
    Thus a number of ways to care for monstera. Good luck, hopefully this information can be useful for all friends

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