How To Plant And Care Alocasia Jacklyn

How to plant and care for alocasia jacklin

How To Plant And Care Alocasia Jacklyn

This ornamental plant has its own uniqueness and is quite rare. Alocasia jacklyn or also called tandurusa is one of Indonesia’s native aroid ornamental plants that does not exist in other countries. This plant comes from Sulawesi.

This plant has a very attractive physical form. The shape of the leaves is quite unique because it is fingered at the edge of the leaf. If you pay attention, the edges of the fingered leaves are shaped like deer antlers. This unusual shape is a charm in itself.

The leaves of this plant have a dark green color with light green gradations. The color gradation displays a unique and beautiful leaf pattern. In addition, there are black fibers on the surface of the leaves which make it look more distinct. Interestingly, this leaf has a smooth surface and when touched it feels like there is a feathery sensation there.

This Alocasia plant is very suitable to be used as an indoor ornamental plant because it does not really like direct sunlight.

then How to plant and care for it? please watch the video until it’s finished.

Here is how to plant Alocasia Jacklyn that you can practice at home.

  1. Prepare planting media in the form of husks, bamboo leaf humus, and manure in a ratio of 1:2:1.
  2. Take the Alocasia plant seeds that have already grown roots and then plant them into the planting medium and compact them.
  3. Plant seeds can be obtained from cutting stem cuttings which are smeared with a fungicide solution and planted in charcoal and roasted husk media until roots grow.
  4. Flush with enough water and place the plant in a shady place.

If you have successfully planted, the next step is to take care of the plant. Here’s how to care for Alocasia Jacklyn plants that you can do.

  1. Lighting
    This type of Alocasia plant is more suitable to be placed indoors. This plant does not like direct sunlight. A cool and cold location is actually preferred by this plant and can make it grow more fertile.
  2. Watering
    This Alocasia plant requires sufficient water so that the condition of the growing media is always moist. Please note that this plant does not like media conditions that are too dry. However, make sure that the water does not stagnate the media.
  3. Fertilization
    You can also provide fertilizer to facilitate the process of plant growth. The type of fertilizer that can be used is slow-degrading fertilizer which is sprinkled onto the planting medium. Apply fertilizer at least every 6 months.
  4. Trim the leaves
    If the plant has grown lush, then do pruning to make it thrive. Especially on the leaves that are starting to wither. You can use scissors or a sharp knife, so that the cutting doesn’t cause harm to the plant. Cutting leaves is also able to stimulate the growth of new shoots, so that alocasia plants can look lush and charming.
  5. Change the pot.
    Changing pots is important in the care of alocasia plants so that they develop well. Prepare alocasia plants that will be replaced with pots. Prepare a replacement pot and then insert the planting medium to the total height from the bottom of the pot to. Place the plant in a pot, add plant media to near the lip of the pot. Water the planting medium, then place it in the shade for 2-3 days. You can place in the shade for 2-3 days.
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