How to Plant Homalomena Plants and Care for Them

How to Plant Homalomena Plants and Care for Them

Homalomena is a plant that thrives with moderate to high humidity levels. The homalomena plant is its natural habitat in Colombia, Kalimantan, Java, Sumatra, Costa Rica, and the Philippines.

This plant that prefers to live in the tropics has leaves that can grow between 25 to 35 cm and have different colors and shapes.However, what is more dominant is the green color with a slightly elongated and slightly rounded shape like an oval and looks like a heart shape.

Here are some ways to grow homalonema plants well so that they look beautiful and last a long time.

1 Prepare plant seeds according to your choice.
If there are leaves that have turned yellow, it is better to cut them at the stem.

2 Prepare the media, be it a cool, shady garden or in pots.
3 Put the manure into the soil.
4 Insert the seeds from the plant and cover with soil until the seedlings can stand upright.
5 Flush with enough water.
If planted in pots, then place the pot on a shady terrace or in a cool room.

After you finish planting the plants, don’t forget to take care of them every day. That way this plant can grow well and certainly looks fresh and doesn’t wilt when placed indoors.

Here’s how to treat homalonema

  1. Put it in a shady place
    Homalomena prefers a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. put it in a shady place.

If the leaves are spotted with burning, yellowing and falling off, you need to move them to a place that is more humid and less hot.

On the other hand, if it looks wilted and the leaves are paler, then move it to a place that is exposed to the sun. Place this plant on a land or place with the best temperature between 24°c to 26°c

  1. planting medium
    This plant should not be in dry soil or soil that is too wet. Homalomena’s preferred planting medium is loose and porous. use a mixture of loose soil, cocopeat, husks, and humus.
  2. Watering. Regular watering needs to be done so that the homalomena thrive and produce new shoots. Water once a day in the summer and 2 times a day in the rainy season.
  3. Fertilization
    Fertilization for homalomena plants with liquid fertilizer that is sprayed on the back of the leaves and stems. While manure can be given every 6 months.

5.Pots. Make sure the pot has good drainage. This is a way to reduce humidity that is too high and causes the roots to become infected with fungi and bacteria. If the homalomena plant grows and is denser, it needs to be moved to a larger pot.

Thus the information on how to plant and care for homalonema, may be useful.

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