Keledang (Artocarpus lanceifolius)

Keledang (Artocarpus lanceifolius) is a rare fruit from Kalimantan. Keledang is a fruit that is starting to be forgotten as natural forests run out. This plant belongs to the Moraceae (jackfruit) tribe, related to mentawai, kluwih, pintau, cempedak, breadfruit, selanking, benda, and jackfruit.

Keledang (Artocarpus lanceifolius)
Keledang (Artocarpus lanceifolius)

Other names include kฤ•ledang (Mly.); simar naka (Bat.); ward (Dy.); khanu-pa (Thai). In various places in Borneo, this tree is known by various names such as ward, binturung, bunon, dadak wood, emputu, kakian, sedah, tempunang. Some also call it kateh, keledang, kledang, paribalek, peruput, pudu, forest tarap, katebung, tiwadak banyu, and others.

Keledang fruit flesh has a yellowish-orange color like Jackfruit and has a distinctive fragrant flesh. The taste of Keledang fruit tends to be sweet with soft, somewhat chewy flesh and rather large seeds.
The fruit of the keledang is reminiscent of jackfruit and cempedak. It tastes sweet. The taste sensation is a mixture of jackfruit and mangosteen. The flesh is separated from the seeds, like jackfruit. The color of the fruit skin is reddish-orange and the shape of the fruit is like a jackfruit. Keledang fruit is one of the exotic fruits from the Kalimantan forest which grows evenly throughout the island.

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