Bacang / limus / pakel (Mangifera foetida Lour.)

Bacang (Mangifera foetida Lour.) is a fruit tree that is related to mangoes. People often refer to the fruit as Bacang, Ambacang/Embacang, or Bacang Mango. In various places it is also known by various names such as limus, pakèl, tamarind, macang or machang (Malays in eastern Sumatra and Malaysia), maa chang, ma chae, or ma mut (Thailand), and la mot (Myanmar). In English it is called bachang or horse mango.
Large straight-trunk tree, can reach 30-35 m. The bark is brown to dark gray brown, broken with shallow furrows. When injured (all parts of the plant) secrete whitish gray lymph, which gradually becomes reddish and black. This sap is sharp, itchy and can injure the skin (especially mucous membranes). Does not have buttresses (root boards).

The leaves are rather stiff and leathery, with long stiff stems 1.5 – 8 cm. The leaves are more or less oblong in shape, 9-15 × 15–40 cm, glabrous and dark green.

Inflorescence in panicles slightly at the end, erect branching, like a pyramid, 10–40 cm long, dark red to copper red and smells good. Small dense flowers, numbered 5; petals 4–5 mm, obovate; crown 6–9 mm, narrow lanceolate, pink to pale yellow at tip.

Stone fruit oval or nearly round, 7-12 × 9-16 cm, thick-skinned and glabrous, green to yellowish, dull, with brownish lenticel spots. The flesh of the fruit when ripe is pale yellow-orange to yellow, fibrous, sweet-sour in taste and contains a lot of fruit juice, pungent smell a bit like turpentine.

Bacang is propagated by seeds. This type can also use rootstock to reproduce mango plants. The flowering season of rice dumplings is in May-June, the fruit ripens in September-November.

Limus fruit is a fruit that is almost similar to mangoes, the only difference is that the fragrance of the fruit is slightly stronger than the fragrance of mangoes and the taste of the fruit is sour, slightly sour and has a slightly sweet taste. Limus fruit is also often referred to as Bacang fruit, Bacang mango or Pakel. Lime fruit contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and other ingredients that are useful for maintaining the health and beauty of your body. As for some of the benefits of fruit limes are as follows.

1. Increase body stamina

The first benefit of the Limus fruit is that it can be used to increase your body’s stamina. By consuming Limus fruit can help keep your body from feeling tired and tired easily. Besides requiring the benefits of carbohydrates to increase the stamina of the limus fruit, it can also increase the stamina.
2. Healthy skin

Not only for health but Limus fruit is also useful for maintaining your beauty, one of the benefits is that Limus fruit can be used to help nourish your skin. This fruit is able to nourish the skin because basically this fruit contains the benefits of vitamin C, the benefits of vitamin E are good for the skin
3. Improve brain function

The benefits of lime fruit can be used to improve brain function so that the brain can work properly and optimally. For this reason, consuming limes is one of the easiest solutions to improve your brain function.
4. Both are used for diet programs

Did you know that limes are a good fruit to use for your diet program. This is because the content contained in the Limus fruit helps speed up your diet program. Indeed, the benefits of this diet are not only to get an ideal body, but also to provide health to the body due to regular diet and exercise.
5. Overcoming dehydration

The water content contained in the Limus fruit can help overcome the dehydration that you are experiencing. The water content contained in the Limus fruit will be absorbed by the body so you can avoid dehydration.

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