Maritam Buih / Green Maritam (Naphelium Ramboutanake Leenh)

Maritap or Semayap or Hentap or Maritam Buih (Naphelium Ramboutanake Leenh) is a typical fruit from the island of Borneo. The shape of this maritam fruit is similar to the rambutan fruit but has a different skin. The rambutan has protrusions in the form of hair, while the maritam has protrusions like blunt thorns. The color of the maritam fruit skin when it is ripe is red in color. The taste of this maritam fruit tends to be bland, slightly sweet tends to be sour. When compared with rambutan, the size of this maritam fruit is almost the same. The white flesh of the maritam fruit sticks to the seeds of the fruit, making it difficult to separate when eaten.

The people of the Banjar tribe are called maritam because this plant looks like a rambutan fruit and has a blackish red color. While the people of the Central Kalimantan Dayak tribe call this fruit tenggaring.

This fruiting season is during the rainy season, which is around October โ€“ December. Maritam plants can be found in the forests of Kalimantan, lowlands up to 300 m above sea level. Maritam fruit thrives in areas with high rainfall and water that is not stagnant.

maritap or semayap or hentap or maritam Buih The color of the skin is green with the shape of the fruit like rambutan, but the hair on the skin is shorter and the skin is thicker than the contents of the fruit.

“This is another variant of the maritam fruit. Usually the color of the maritam is red-black. The flesh of the fruit is more dominantly sour. If the maritam froth is green, the taste of the flesh is sweet and sour”

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