Maritam (Naphelium Ramboutanake Leenh)

Maritam (Naphelium Ramboutanake Leenh) is a typical fruit from the island of Borneo. The shape of this maritam fruit is similar to the rambutan fruit but has a different skin. The rambutan has protrusions in the form of hair, while the maritam has protrusions like blunt thorns. The color of the maritam fruit skin when it is ripe is red in color. The taste of this maritam fruit tends to be bland, rather sweet tends to be sour. When compared to rambutan, the size of this maritam fruit is almost the same. The white flesh of the maritam fruit sticks to the seeds of the fruit, making it difficult to separate when eaten.

 Maritam fruit is a local fruit that is unique to the Banua Anam region, South Kalimantan, especially Balangan.  Maritam fruit is a family with rambutan fruit. It also has a sweet and sour taste.

Even though it looks like rambutan, maritam fruit does not have hair like rambutan skin. But the skin looks prickly and thicker. While the contents are the same. It has soft flesh and seeds.

The color of the maritam fruit when ripe is also red like rambutan. But there is also a reddish purple. While the raw is green.

 Maritam fruit is a fruit endemic to Kalimantan. This fruit is also far from chemicals and safe for health. Besides that, it also grows in tropical mountain forest areas in Kalimantan.

Maritam fruit trees, like rambutan trees. Stems and leaves are so similar. But most maritam trees are giant. In addition, maritam bears fruit once a year. Simultaneously with the fruit season in the Kalimantan region.


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