Musa “Florida Banana Variegated”

Musa “Florida Variegated” is a gorgeous variegated variety with both foliage and edible fruit that is variegated. This variety is growing as a slightly easier grower than the famous Musa aeae. Please note that sometimes the white portions of the leaves are prone to sunburn and potential browning in transit.
This plant has brought many collectors, hobbyists, and general plant enthusiasts to their knees. It is considered by many to be the most gorgeous variegated plant that there is, and I happen to agree. The leaves look impossibly beautiful, as though they were hand painted with emerald green, mint and pure white. And even the fruit is varied as well!

My personal experience is that these happily adjust to regular household humidity after a period of adjustment where you may experience some browning of the leaves. New leaves will grow that are better suited for your environment. Again this is my personal experience and results may vary. Many of our customers have had wonderful success transferring their bananas to Pot, however we do not recommend bothering your banana for at least 3 weeks after it arrives

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