Musa velutina or pink banana

Musa velutina or pink banana or Congkel Langit banana is a type of wild banana. This is one of the rare exotic plants. If anything, this is very rarely seen.

The fruit is 8 cm long, pink, and downy. They are borne on erect flower stalks with pink inflorescences. Musa velutina flowers at a young age, doing so within a year. The fruit is peeled again when ripe.

Perhaps, because of its reddish pink color, Musa velutina is called one of the most beautiful bananas in the world.

The thing that makes Musa velutina reddish pink because it contains carotene or carotenoid pigments.

In general, Musa velutina grows well in the lowlands with temperatures between 20-25 degrees Celsius. In addition, full sun intensity is also needed, on moist soil

However, pink bananas are also called hardy plants that can withstand temperatures as low as 0 degrees Celsius to -6 degrees Celsius. In these conditions, the leaves will be damaged but will eventually bloom again as the warmer seasons come.

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