Nasi Nasi Fruit / Syzygium Zeylanicum


Nasi-nasi fruit or guava rice-rice is a fruit that is included in the guava variety or Myrtaceae, the fruit which has the Latin name Syzygium Zeylanicum is one of the original Indonesian fruits which is currently categorized as a rare fruit. Usually we can see this fruit on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

This fruit is called nasi-rice fruit by the wider community because the fruit is round, small in size, white in color and grows on the tops of twigs in clusters like rice. The fruit of the rice has a very soft texture when it is ripe with a fresh and sweet taste like guava.

Nasi-nasi fruit is the local name for this fruit plant belonging to the water guava. Guava nasi-nasi or guava water rice scientific name Syzygium zeylanicum, is a native plant from Indonesia, characterized by white fruit, small, clustered.

Scientific name (botanical name): Syzygium zeylanicum

Seeds come from: graft

Recommended terrain and optimal growing conditions: lowlands โ€“ highlands, hot and cold temperatures

Sunlight requirements: full sun (lighting all day)

When to bear fruit: about 3-5 more years

Fruit can be consumed by: can’t

If planted in pots, recommended pot size: diameter > 60 cm

Growing media used: humus soil or compost soil

Watering intensity: twice a day

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