Palm Licuala “Borneo Mottled”

This is a very rare species, which grows on Mount Matang in Sarawak (Kalimantan). Reaches a height of 3 meters, with a thin stem from which round leaves grow and are divided into 8-12 leaflets. These are green in color, although they can be variegated as is the case with »Mapu» or »Tigrina» Licuala mattanensis. Its cultivation is possible only in humid tropical climates, where the minimum temperature is 20ºC.
An undescribed, spectacular new dwarf palm with intensely mottled, fan shaped leaves, discovered in the undergrowth of tropical rainforests in Kalimantan, the Indonesian south of the island of Borneo. In cultivation it will require humid, tropical conditions.

Rare Licuala Kalimantan Mottled Palm. Licuala Kalimantan Mottled Fresh seed.

These stock are fresh harvested seeds which are very fresh and can sprout faster than old seeds.


Licuala Borneo Mottled

Palm in the genus Kalimantan Mottled (Licuala sp.) Often referred to in Thai as “Amy palm”

This type of palm has been known to be a palm collector for quite some time but is not very common due to the high price at that time.

Characteristics of this palm It is a single trunk palm. The bush is about 2 feet wide. It can reach a height of 2-2.5 meters, but it takes decades. The most beautiful time is around the age of 7-8, when the leaves are in full form and the stem has not yet grown.

The pattern on the leaves of this palm is beautiful and one of a variety of this palm. And there are many collectors trying to collect some patterns. It is a palm that collectors must have in their collection.

from past experiences To raise this palm to be beautiful Must have the following components

1. high humidity This will complete the shape of the leaves and produce new leaves regularly

2.good ventilation. from the experience Poor ventilation will cause the plant to rot easily. and the pattern on the leaves is not clear

3. enough sunlight to have a clear contrasting color and pattern. It’s Need to get some sun especially In the morning sun. Try not to expose it to the midday and afternoon sun as the leaves will burn easily. If there is a little sunlight, some stripes will not appear at all.

4. The soil should be well drained. So that the roots grow well and do not rot easily

5. From experience growing them in pots will grow better and more beautiful than in the ground.

Licuala Mapu seeding

Soak the seeds in water 2 days (2:1 hot water)

Put the sand in the plastic cup half full, put the seed that has been soaked in water for 2 days on the sand, then put the coco coir on top of the seed nearly full cup (coco coir soaked in water before use)

Moisten the newly planted seeds with a mister or a small watering can. cover the cup with plastic wrap.

This helps keep the seeds moist before they germinate. This process takes 1-5 months

When you see the first signs of green, remove the cover.

You could place them on a heating mat or near a heat source such as a stove radiator or furnace vent. the seeds need light for germination. Get a little grow light or just use a bright windowsill.

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