Philodendron Verrucosum

Currently, ornamental plants are becoming a trend and much in demand by the public. There are several types of ornamental plants that are currently on the rise, one of which is Philodendron verrucosum. Well, here is complete information about ornamental plants that have special features in their leaves and shapes.
Features, Shapes and Colors

Philodendron Verrucosum

Philodendron verrucosum is an ornamental plant native to Central and South America. More precisely, it is in countries such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. This plant has a red color on the back of the leaf blade and a green back variant and has a hairy (pubescent) stem.

Philodendron verrucosum can grow at an altitude between 165 cm to 50 – 2000 meters above sea level. In addition, this plant is a climbing plant or has a habit of growing towards the sky and not along the surface. Therefore it is very diverse in its needs.

Although this plant is arguably an easy-to-grow ornamental plant, this type of Philodendron is a little fussy when planted in lowland areas. So, if you live in the lowlands, you should think twice about caring for this plant.

Philodendron verrucosum also has leaves that easily turn crispy and brown if they are misplaced in watering. Therefore, it is quite important for you to know how to care for this plant before planting it.
How to Plant

If you don’t want to fail in growing this ornamental plant, then you must know how to take the right steps to get maximum results. Here’s how to grow Philodendron verrucosum plants that you can follow.

Prepare Philodendron plant seeds. You can get seeds from Philodendron plants that have grown and have a long tuber.
Cut the buds 6 to 7 cm long.
Soak the buds in the fungicide solution for 20 minutes then drain.
Plant the buds in a small pot that has been filled with planting media.
Place the pot in a shady place and avoid direct sunlight.
Water the plant regularly, in a few weeks the young leaves will grow.

How to Care

In addition to how to plant, how to take care is also an important thing to do. This is so that the plants you plant can grow well and optimally. Here’s how to care for Philodendron plants.

  1. Sunshine

Place the Philodendron plant in a bright place but not in direct sunlight. If there are some yellowing leaves, it indicates that the plant is getting too much light. However, if the plant does not get enough light it will make the stems wrinkle and grow long.

  1. Watering

Do watering regularly but do not make the water stagnate. Philodendron roots will rot if they are too wet. So, you can choose a pot that has good drainage holes. Watering with sufficient water is the key for Philodendron plants to grow large and uniform leaves.

  1. Fertilization

Give fertilizer 5 to 6 times a year. You can use a special liquid fertilizer for plants to produce leaves that are perfectly green and wide. If the plant is not getting enough calcium and magnesium it will turn the leaves pale.

Well, that’s complete information, how to plant and how to care for Philodendron verrucosum plants. If you want to grow Philodendron plants, choose good plant seeds, so that the plants can grow. Don’t forget to use the right and good planting media so that plants can grow healthy.

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