Phytocrene Bracteata

Phytocrene bracteata is commonly known as ‘nanas batu’ as it resembles the shape of nanas (pineapple) but is very hard. or some call it “banana root”. Phytocrene bracteata is a high climbing liana. This species produces one of the biggest fruit bunch among recorded lianas. It is widely distributed but rarely fruiting. This species is widespread in Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatera and Thailand.

  • Kingdom
  • Division
  • Class
  • Order
  • Family
  • Genus
  • Specific Epithet
    bracteata Wall.
  • Synonym
  • Vernacular Name
  • Residential


High climbing liana; Branchlets ± deeply striate, setose and minutely prickly in younger parts. Leaves broadly ovate, often 3-lobed and obscurely dentate then, apex acute, base cordate, coriaceous, glabrous and a little asperulous above, the nerves excepted, densely covered all over the undersurface with short brownish hairs and soft to the touch, and the nerves moreover set with bristle-like stiffer hairs beneath, 10-20(-25) by 7-15(-20) cm, 7 pairs of basal palmate nerves and 2-3 pairs of upper nerves, curved-ascending, slightly sunken above, prominent beneath, reticulation low though distinct on the undersurface; Seed testa sparsely and shallowly pitted.

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