Platycerium ridleyi

Platycerium ridleyi

Native to the island of Borneo and the Sarawak region, the antlers of the Platycerium ridleyi deer have a very beautiful appearance.

Platycerium ridleyi

This one plant has green leaves that look charming if you keep it in your yard.

The long leaves of the plant will grow openly, so it looks very different from other plants.

Meanwhile, the fertile leaves of the plant grow upright and will produce spores near the base of the leaf.

Because of the unique appearance of this plant, many people consider Platycerium ridleyi to be the most exotic deer antler plant.

Platycerium ridleyi

This plant has the name Platycerium ridleyi because it was discovered by a Singaporean botanist, namely Sir Henry Ridley (1855-1956).

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