Prainea Limpato, Umat Fruit, Kesusu, Tampang Susu

Limpato fruit or known by another name milk fruit. Its Latin name Artocarpus Limpato is a rare fruit, not many people know this fruit. This fruit is only found in certain places in Southeast Asia such as Sarawak, Sabah, Papua New Guinea, Moluccas, Kalimantan and Sumatra.

This fruit belongs to the Moraceae family or the tribe of flowering plants. The shape is very unique where in one stalk gather half of the index finger fruit. When the Limpato fruit or Kesusu fruit is ripe, the color is orange and the taste is sweet and sour, it feels very fresh.

The tree grows to 30 m in height, with a bole of 2–4 m, with white latex. The leaves are 10–35 cm long by 4–15 cm wide. The globular inflorescences occur in the leaf axils. The syncarpous infructescences comprise 8–20 oval fruits, each 1.5–2 cm by 1 cm in diameter, projecting outwards from the core and ripening orange. The fruits are edible, with the orange aril tasting of bananas.

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