Recommended types of ornamental plants for dark places

Based on the level of light needs, there are ornamental plants that are able to live in dark or low light conditions. This type of ornamental plant in dark places is very good for homes with very few windowsjenis tanaman hias tempat gelap

Even though your house is difficult to get sunlight, this type of plant will still beautify and refresh the room in the house.

You can put this plant in a bathroom with minimal sunlight without fear of the plant getting sick or dying. In addition to the bathroom, you can put this plant anywhere you need.

Curious about any plants? Here are recommendations for types of ornamental plants in dark places that you can collect at home.


jenis tanaman hias tempat gelap

This very popular plant is able to thrive indoors with low light intensity. Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii is the most common type you will find in ornamental plant stores

This plant, also known as the snake plant, also has other types. Of course, no less unique for you to maintain at home, such as Sansevieria Trifasciata, Sansevieria Cylindrica, Sansevieria Hahnii, Sansevieria Stuckyi, Sansevieria Pinguicula, Sansevieria Kirkii, and many more.


This plant, which at first glance is similar to aglaonema, turns out to have the characteristics of being able to thrive in low light conditions. Not surprisingly, this type of ornamental plant in a dark place is also a target for maintenance. One of the popular types of dieffenbachia plants is that it has white spots on dark green leaves.

Ivory betel

Betel ivory or golden pothos is indeed a plant that thrives in low light conditions. This plant is perfect for those of you who like vines.

In addition to solid growing media, you can also plant ivory betel in water. Of course, the choice of vases is also very diverse. Make sure, you add liquid fertilizer and change the water a maximum of once a week or when the water is cloudy.

Spider plant

Spider plant is an ornamental plant that is very suitable for you to put in the house, especially those with minimal light. This plant also has the function of cleaning toxins in the air.

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