Red Durian (Durio Graveolens)

Red Durian (Durio Graveolens) Red Durian or in local terms “Duyan”. This type of durian is for the indigenous people of North Kalimantan, especially the Tidung and Dayak tribes. This durian is very interesting because of the color variations in the flesh of the fruit, the thorn is quite long and the fruit does not issue a strong aroma like durian in general. It tastes good, sweet and not too runny, unlike durian in general, red durian has a fresh, fluffier, creamy meat. That is one of the reasons for this type of durian is not commercial like other durian in general. However, red durian can only be obtained at certain times with a harvest cycle every 5 years because the duyan tree is only left to grow naturally and organic in the forest without the maintenance of human intervention.

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Magnoliopsida

Order: Malvales

Family: Malvaceae

Genus: Durio

Species: Durio Graveolens BECC.

Durio Graveolens is a durian that grows in lowland primary forests with a height of 100 m above sea level (asl). Durio graveolens tree can be height of 50 m, with a stem diameter reaching 100 cm, brownish red bark or gray, slippery and easily split. Leaves, ellipse to oblong, 10-26 x 4-10 cm, the lower surface of the leaves is crowded with copper brown scales, secondary leaf bones 10-13 pairs. Flowers, compound, arranged in an umbrella arrangement, white, flower crown 25-35 mm, stamens are arranged in 5 arrangements. Fruit, round, diameter reaches 15 cm, the outer skin of the fruit is yellow to orange with sharp pyramid -shaped thorns. The flesh of the fruit is red, coats the seeds in the form of an elliptage.

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