Redan Fruit (Hairless)

Redan Fruit (Hairless)
One of the Collections of Rare Gidan Fruit Plants (Redan), Rare Fruits That Are Almost Extinct As the forests in Sumatra and Kalimantan are cut down, they are used as plantations and forest fruit settlements that used to be found in abundance are now becoming rare, it can even be said that they are already in the area. the threshold of extinction.

Redan fruit is one type of rambutan fruit. Rambutan Pacat (N. glabrum) is also called N. maingayi or N. lappaceum var, glabrum. other local names are redan, redang, redin or ridan. The tree is large and rather hard enough for a building material. The flesh of the fruit is said to be sweet, slightly sour.


Because redan fruit belongs to the type of rambutan fruit, the benefits of redan fruit for the body are the same as the benefits of rambutan fruit, namely:

Prevent cancer
Increase body energy
Protects the body from various free radicals
Increase fertility
Antidote to anemia
Strengthen the body's immune system
Make kidney organs healthier

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